Frequent Asked Questions



Roller Skating New York Locations:


   📍Roller Skating NYC

    Roller Skating Manhattan, James Walker Park, Hudson Street NY 10013

    Lou Lodati Sports Court 43rd street / Skillman Avenue NY, Long Island City NY

    Central Park Roller Skating

   📍Roller Skating Queens

    Windmuller Park 52nd street / 39th Drive, Woodside NY

    Secret Theatre 50-12 Skillman Ave, Queens, Sunnyside NY 

Roller Skating New Jersey location:

   📍Roller Skating New Jersey

    Hockey Rink Skatepark, Enos Jones Park, 402 8th St, Jersey City, NJ 07302

     I teach by appointment only. Contact me to book a class

    Yes! We can connect on Zoom or Facetime.

     Yes! Price for one private lesson is $95.

    Each lesson is half an hour long.

     Each workshop is half an hour long.

     Prepaid in full via Credit Card, Venmo or Zelle.

Yes, I offer classes for small groups. Contact me for more info.

     No age requirement for learning how to skate. I work with students 12+ years old.

     Each lesson combines technique,  flow, and style.

A 24-hour cancellation notice is required.

Sorry, no refunds. 

Lessons are planned weekly or bi-weekly within the following 2 months.

Bring your skates and music! Practicing on your skates facilitates the learning process.


    💚 I love to connect with people. Add @skatingevolutionnyc to your ING and FB.