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Roller Skating since 1988.

Coach's Insight

While crafting and preparing these courses only one thought was on my mind - share my expertise and enthusiasm and help others to become confident skaters.

I have blended my years of experience in skating and roller dancing into accessible programs. I understand your challenges very well: I also was a total beginner.

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My Story

Figure Skating since 1988

Hi, I am Mari and I have been roller skating since I was 8 years old. I was part of a figure skating academy in Italy and I mastered the proper technique, loops, and jumps.

The Church of 8 Wheels

I rediscovered my skating passion a few years ago in Black Rock City (yes, Burning Man), when at 10:00 am I took a bike ride and bumped into the Church of 8 Wheels. Yes! A Skate Sanctuary with a live DJ set where you can roll & dance 24h.

Roller Skating Coach

My latest venture as a skating coach has allowed me to share my expertise and passion with everyone that feels it is finally time to dedicate some special time to themselves and learn how to roll-bounce-rock-skate.

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